Landmark has been in the business of servicing equipment as far back as the late 70's providing on-site service on Versatec printers and plotters within Ford Motor Company. We now offer Sales and Service for a number of the best manufactures.  One of the big reasons that Customers like us is because Landmark is known for keeping equipment running long after official support has been terminated. Whether that's due to the age of the device or even when the OEM has gone out of business, we can still maintain your device for many additional years thereby maximizing your equipment investment. When your unit just cannot be kept running anymore, or if you just think it's time to upgrade, we can then offer you replacement options.  We won't try to sell you a different system unless you want us to, honestly, we like keeping the old ones running!  You'll also find that our service rates are very attractive when compared with what the Manufactures charge, another good reason to give us a try.

Landmark is located in Troy Michigan, the vast majority of our Customers are within a 75 mile radius. We do have Customers  farther out than that (Western Michigan and Northern Ohio) but they are typically under a Service Contract (i.e. Maintenance Contract: Maintenance Agreement) so that the expense of traveling is built into the Service Contract itself.  Without a Maintenance Agreement we charge flat travel rates based on how many miles you are from us. Under 75 miles the charge is a one time fee, if we have to make the trip more than once you do not get billed anything more. Beyond 75 miles we charge a per-hour rate.  For local Customers we also offer depot repair which eliminates any travel fees and is a little bit cheaper per hour too. We can offer a hassle free "Service Contract" or a simple "Time and Material" rate to get your equipment back up and running properly again. You can also purchase blocks of time which can then be used for service calls as they occur.  Even if your system is not under a Maintenance Agreement we may be able to make some exceptions with our charges so that you can put it under a Maintenance Contract once it's been repaired!  Just ask for details about this in your quote request!

Landmark is a Service Authorized Dealer for several manufacturers and we work on many other manufacturers systems where we have no official relationship.  Keep in mind that if you don't see your device listed (use the "Makes and Models we service" button above) we still may be able to repair it for you, let us know and we'll advise you on whether we think we can fix it or not.  For first time Customers, go to the "Coupon Page" for a special discount.

If you are interested in finding out more you can give us a call or use the various buttons at the top of the page to have someone contact you about
getting your Printer, Copier, Multifunction (MFP) or Wide-Format Plotter repaired.



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